jueves, octubre 07, 2010

La Línea Negra, Kogis frente al mundo "civilizado".

The Black Line is the border between Kogis and the 'civilized' world in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta  (Colombia). This is the highest mountain in the world besides the sea. Kogis have been there for centuries and have survived the Spaniard conquest -the worst genocide in human history-, the colonist movement, the catholic missions and the drugs' business. In the latter, the Kogis sacred plant -Coca- has been melt with chemicals to produce something called cocaine, a strange powder that became a reason for war and ended in the brains of millions.

Today, the so-called development is too close to the Black Line. A huge port is planned to be constructed in a sacred place where the Kogist 'pay' to Nature for all they take. Besides from this, one dam is already in construction and two more are intended. But the 'civilized' are not planning to pay to Nature, but to be paid. They cannot see the consequences of their behaviour. But Kogis know this will carry bad omen.

The younger brother -which is the name Kogis have for the 'civilized'- seems to be unable to hear the call of Nature, even on these days of chaos. Meanwhlle Kogis will try to maintain the balance of the universe, at least within the borders of the Black Line.

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